Continuously happy.

I get to take pills everyone wish they could. I wouldn’t get in trouble for being fucked up in public I have a doctor pulling my strings fuckerssssss. My psychiatrist controls me, everything she says comes true, everything she says is to the point about my life. My Vanderbilt psychiatrist charges my insurance 4650 dollars an hour and I only pay a 50 dollar Co payment and 5%. She tells me what to do with every fucking aspect of my life and I pay her every minute. She is BY FAR ONE OF THE DOCTORS WHO GIVE VANDERBILT THERE PRESTIGE AND LUXURIOUS NAME, SHE IS THE EPITOME OF AN HONORS STUDENT AT VANDERBILT. She needs to write book.

"Whatever she charges I will pay baby" said mom.

Watch me have the life you so desperately have been seeking, watch as I can can do whatever, whenever, and wherever watch me!

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